Friday, July 5, 2013

Meet Serenity

This is Serenity...
Serenity is our one and only "typically" developing child. She just turned 10 a couple months ago. She has by far one of the kindest hearts I have ever seen. (granted there are some days but for the most part she amazes me every day) She is very intelligent, compassionate, accepting, hardworking, creative, loving, dramatic, funny and determined. She is a cheerleader and socialite. She is an artist and writer. In my mind she will change the world some day. She loves her brothers and sisters very much and she does her very best to protect them. One story that comes to mind is something that happened on her bus. An older boy was talking next to her and he used the "r" word. She immediately got upset and very loudly explained to him that her siblings were that way and he shouldn't talk that way, they weren't able to help it and he shouldn't ever use that word again. When she has her friends over and they ask "whats wrong" with her siblings she says they have FXS that is just the way they are, they just act different than you and she moves on. She has seen a lot and had to deal with a lot in her 10 short years but she has handled it all as best as she knows how. There have been some tears and she gets angry because our life isn't like everyone elses but we talk through it and we move on. Serenity is one amazing girl who I am sure will be one amazing woman one day!

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