Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet Tyler

This is Tyler.....

Tyler is our baby, he is 6yrs old. He also has FXS, Autism, ADHD and Anxiety issues. He is by far our most social out of our three with FXS and the most mischievous. He is able to use single words to communicate (no sentences yet) and points to what he wants. Like my other two he gets very upset when the routine changes or there are large groups pf people. He has never really been aggressive, other than trying to bite my hand when he wants to get out of a situation he is afraid of, but on the downside he will hurt himself. Headbanging is one thing I never quite adjusted to. I always hated to see him do it. He has a helmet which we use if he starts. The one time I will never forget is we were out on the sidewalk and he got upset about something and he just dropped to the ground and smacked it, no warning, just bam! At that point I wished he would have just hit me. Enough of the sad stuff now on to the cute stuff.
Ty is just too adorable. He has this smile that you just can't say no to. He is a ladies man too. He loves to flirt with all the pretty girls he sees. He loves to give hugs and he loves to play games (Temple Run right now). The ways he says some words just makes me crack up, we call it Tyler Speak. He loves to play in dirt and with cars and break stuff (just like any other boy does). Oh and noise, he will make as much of it as he can!!!!!!! He likes to be the center of attention (what kid doesn't). He loves to swing too. Ty is pretty much one of the cutest kids ever. ;) Then again I am a little bias.

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